At Haskris, we understand the importance of uptime with your mission-critical applications. Your equipment is one-of-a kind, so Haskris provides chiller solutions tailor-made for your application. We eliminate downtime by matching the chiller design to the unique requirements of your equipment and the installation site.

Our specialty since 1944 continues as our hallmark today.

Our custom capabilities go beyond these examples:

• Special certifications (SEMI S2, CE, UL, CSA, OSHPD)
• Custom unit dimensions
• Custom connections (size, type, location)
• Special materials (stainless steel, PVC, nickel plated, aluminum)
• Installation kits
• Universal electrical (50/60Hz)
• Split systems
• Back-up pumping systems
• Redundant refrigeration systems
• Backflow prevention
• Automatic city water backup
• Specialty pumping systems
• Custom controls and displays
• Custom communications
• Auto refill
• Fluorinert chillers
• Oil compatible chillers
• De-ionization
• De-oxygenation
• Built-in piping manifolds
• Reverse air flow
• Washdown enclosures
• Extreme environment
• Sealed systems
• Vibration isolation
• Challenge us with your unique request