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Lab Manager at Western Kentucky University

“Thanks! It is wonderful that you keep the records for each and every product you make! Thank you also for still being in business— considering how your products seem to last forever, I always wonder how you can make so many sales….”

Senior Technology Manager of an Electron Optics company

“Appreciate your team’s effort! As always it’s been exceptional.”

Sales Manager at a Global Electron Optics Company

“As a leader in Electron Optics, we are continuously introducing new technologies and our customers expect state-of-the art performance. Downtime due to chiller failure is simply not tolerated. The Haskris chillers have proven to be workhorses, well designed and dependable. When problems do occur, our customers appreciate the quick response time and professionalism that Haskris consistently delivers.”

Manager of Sales Administration at a Global Electron Optics Company

“We have always found Haskris to be excellent for product reliability, technical support and service. They remain our exclusive supplier for water chillers.”

End user at a national standards agency, Maryland, USA

“Thank you for your quick response and help with trouble shooting our chiller. It’s great to deal with a company that actually cares about customer service and not just sales.”

Installation Manager of a medical imaging manufacturer, Ohio, USA

“Not only did the chillers perform significantly better than the competition in similar testing, the test data clearly showed the product is very structurally sound and well built.”

Senior Service Manager at an electronic imaging company, Texas, USA

“I wish all of our suppliers responded as you did.”

Lead Engineer at an analytical instrumentation manufacturer, Massachusetts, USA

“These are the most advanced chillers I have seen or worked with.”

Research Chemist at a major university, Mississippi, USA

“I deal with a lot of technicians and it is refreshing to talk to one who is both knowledgeable AND helpful.”

Senior Engineer at an electronic imaging company, Illinois, USA

“I have worked with your company many times in the past and I am always very pleased with the technical assistance … I just wanted to say ‘Thanks’ for making my job easier!”

National Institutes of Standards and Technology

“Thank you for your quick response and help with trouble shooting our chiller. It’s great to deal with a company that actually cares about customer service and not just sales.”

Product Manager at a Global Xray company

“Excellent thank you! Our company is really excited to have such a reputable firm like Haskris behind us!”

Application Engineer at a manufacturer of superconducting magnets for NMR

“I also wanted to thank you for a job well done during our visit last week. We learned a lot not only about your product but about the people that make a company. I was very impressed by what I saw. I am excited about our new business association.”

Forensics Specialist, State of Illinois Police Department

“I am most appreciative for the information, advice and assistance that you have provided over just these few days. You have been just awesome in your responses, and have proven to be very proficient in your knowledge and expertise with the issues that I have had with my cooling source.”

Product Manager at an Electron Optics company

“Great company, great product, and great service. That’s especially nice to see and experience during these trying times. All the best to you and the rest of the Haskris team!”

Design Engineer at a Cryogenics company

“This is the most advanced chiller I have seen or worked with.”

Research Analyst, Digital Electron Microscopy Facility

“ … I wanted you to pass on to your management at Haskris how impressed I am with the level of service you and your company provide, especially regarding equipment that was purchased up to 10 years ago. The hours you and I spent on the phone and exchanging e-mails was above and beyond what I expect from most companies.”

Business Operations Manager at an Analytical Xray Company

“… all of you at Haskris take ownership of the challenge and come up with a solution.
It allows us to keep our promises to our customers and makes us look good, so thanks again.”

Regional Service Manager at an Electron Optics company

“Once again Haskris has gone beyond to do the right thing for our customer!”

Senior Engineer at an Electron Optics Company

“I just wanted to provide feedback about my recent phone call to your company. Your parts dept. was very helpful and was able to get my part out that same day. I have worked with your company many times in the past and I am always very pleased with the technical assistance. I just wanted to say “Thanks” for making my job easier!”

Chemist, Sony magnetic tape plant

“I’ve communicated with many vendors over the years. Your response time is incredible. Many, many thanks to your company. Your service was greatly appreciated.”

District Service Manager at an Electron Optics company

“It is refreshing to deal with a company who does the right thing …”

Senior Analytical Technician at a Pharmaceutical company

“… that was a fast response! Your tech support is awesommmmme.”

Procurement Manager at a Plastics Welding Machine manufacturer

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with the way your team handled my last chiller shipment… you provided outstanding customer service. Usually customers only let you know when there are problems but I felt that you should know when your staff works hard to please their customers.”

Senior Design Engineer at a Research and Testing Lab

“Thank you so much. You Haskris people have always been SO responsive to requests for assistance. Thanks again.”

Facilities Manager at a Chemical Coatings company

“… this unit was built in ’73, and I must say that Haskris built a fine piece of equipment!”

Plant Manager at a Steel Mill

“… the rugged simplicity of your equipment is remarkable.”

Manager of North American Operations at a Global Pharmaceutical company

“… but more important is that the chiller is OUTSTANDING! Really, guys, you have exceeded our expectations and I sincerely thank you for the special efforts you made in support of this particular project – thanks to you and your teams for your creativity, your innovation, and your patience!”

Administrative Expediter of a Specialty Contractor and Maintenance Firm

“Haskris has the best customer service I’ve dealt with in this industry! Its a pleasure doing business with you.”

European Operations Manager of an Analytical Xray company

“I will say, however, that the two Haskris chillers we just installed in Norway are working very well indeed and were very easy to install.”

Scientist in the Bio-Electronics Lab of a State University

“You make chillers that work 10 times longer than the equipment they are cooling. For this reason we file Haskris as one of our ‘Green Manufacturing’ Vendors.”

Materials Manager for an Analytical Xray company

“Yet another thank you for the Haskris Company. That must be thank-you number 1000 through the years.”

Research Scientist at Penn State University

“I’m very impressed with the neat and professional construction, and of course the courteous and professional exchange I’ve had with you. In the past I’ve worked with a few other Haskris units we have here on campus, and have always found them to be a great product.”

Principal Engineer of a Computer Graphics company

“My sincere thanks and gratitude to you and your engineers. We had a difficult problem with a special need for a chiller for a trade show in Australia. It is because we believed Haskris would give us better service and support and a better product that we switched to Haskris chillers. You have more than adequately earned our trust and verified that we made the right choice. Thanks to you and all of those in your company that help and support us.”